Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool VIII: Look at those Tools!!

First, I learned more about Net Books than I did about the IPad.  Since I was given the IPad at the beginning of the summer, I have had lots of time to play around on it learning as I go.  I did learn that the Net Books are pretty much just smaller, more portable laptops with picture and video capabilities.  One major benefit of the Net Book over the IPad is the projector port in the Net Book allowing the students to plug in and have access to gathered information.  I also learned that I have to create a professional ITunes account for the IPad and that the students will not be able to use the technology if they and their parents do not sign the usage form.  I learned that the students will use their own log in information, which could take longer but will ensure the students can be held accountable for what they are up to.  As an added bonus, to monitor the students usage of the IPads, they are synchronized to each teachers laptop making sure they do what they are supposed to be doing.

I plan on presenting ground rules and expectations for the use of the Net Books and IPads at the beginning of the year.  Letting the students know that poor behavior could result in the loss of technology privileges.  I will make sure that the students are aware that I will be monitoring their activity and that the information will be synchronized.

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