Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool VII: Reaching Outside your Classroom: Online Digital Projects

Content Objective:  Students will collect and analyze data from pea plant crosses of plants producing green or yellow peas

When would this all be going down?:  Students could be introduced to this project either before or after the unit on Genetics.  If introduced before the unit then it could spark their interest in what's happening and make them eager to find out why.  The project could also start at the beginning of the unit and run the length of the unit, leaving data analysis for the end.  The project could also be introduced after the unit on Genetics is over, allowing the students a real life chance at independent practice of things learned.  This would illustrate how predicted outcomes of Genetic crosses using Punnett squares model real life data.

Tools Used:  TodaysMeet could be used to pose and discuss questions between classes.  Google Docs could be used for data collection spreadsheets and presenting the information to their classmates.

Finding Information Just the Way Mendel Did
Description of Project Plan:  Students would set up a cross between first generation pea plants that produce a specific color of peas.  Multiple generations of crosses could be made, making the determining of the genotypes much easier.  Students would use Google Docs to record data to be shared within and outside of the class.  Students would use Google Docs and TodaysMeet to discuss what happened and why.

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