Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool VI: Using Tools to Promote Discussions

I made use of Twitterfeed, Twitter and Today's Meet for this assignment.  I already have a twitter account set up for soccer and using the service twitterfeed you can link from this article from your blog to your twitter account.  This allows other colleagues or students who follow you on twitter to see a link and know when you have written something new on your blog.
This would allow you to set up a class or team webpage and have the students or players follow the twitter account which would tell them when the new information (game time, class assignment, etc) has been posted.

I also used TodaysMeet which was very simple to set up.  This would allow for a class discussion on a video or assignment that you would want the class to comment on.  TodaysMeet would also give the students an opportunity to share data collected for a group assignment or a forum to ask each other questions without needing everyone's phone number.  Here is an example of a transcript using TodaysMeet.

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