Monday, July 16, 2012

Tool II : Leaving a Footprint

I am already part of an online community, multiple in fact.  The first online community I joined was facebook, my senior year of college.  I have since become a tweeter and a professional photographer on instagram, not to mention my new and wildly popular blog.  It seems like everybody has a social media, online community, account and many of us have multiple to keep our students from seeing our personal lives and our friends out of our professional lives.  The idea of sharing your thoughts online has become normal and in some cases overused.  Unfortunately, some people share way too much!  I don't need to know how lunch made you feel and see a picture of what you ate.  Using a blog could be a useful tool, however, for staying connected to our students, parents and other classrooms around the world.  Staying plugged in to what other educators and innovative thinkers will help you keep your thoughts and ideas fresh and keep you relevant in a community that demands entertainment.