Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool IX: Integrating Classroom Devices as Tools

It is very important to relate technology to the objective for many reasons:   To start, the use of technology must be relevant and align to the objective.  If using technology doesn't make the lesson better then you shouldn't use it!  When you can use technology, it keeps the students more engaged in the learning process.

Using stations is a good way to use technology in a lesson, but it doesn't work if the students don't know that they are responsible for what they are producing.  Students need to know what is expected of them and what will be acceptable use and non-acceptable use.  It is also helpful for them to have a rubric to let them know what they must produce.

I really like Learning Games for Kids, Thinkfinity and apps for dissections.  The virtual dissections are a much cheaper option and a good alternative for students who easily get sick to their stomachs.

I plan on using my iPads & Netbooks for data collection, having students create video tutorials, making timelines, doing research and creating presentations.  The number of options is seemingly endless.

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