Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Time

As summer break is now upon us I find myself answering the same question, "what are you doing this summer?".  In summers past I only just visited family, vacationed, and did some reading. This year, however, I will be doing something a little more unique. Every four years the best soccer teams, or football as it is known everywhere else on planet Earth; at any rate the best in Europe get together to compete for the right to be called The Champ.  This time the tournament will be co-hosted by the Ukraine and Poland and kicks off (no pun intended) on June 8th at 11:00am. This summer I will be glued to the television to ensure that I don't miss a millisecond of the action.   I feel the Dutch are favorites but it would be foolish to count out Germany or Spain. Please join in with me to watch "the beautiful game" played but some of the best in the universe on ESPN.  Here's a teaser to hopefully spark your interest in this great event!
One month of total football
One month when country comes first
One month to engineer a dream
One month to send giants home early
Who will survive?
UEFA Euro 2012

Tool 1: Getting It All Started

Setting up my blog seemed like a daunting task at first since it is something I have never done before.  However, I spent some time getting help and "playing" around with it and found it to be quite simple.  I look forward to the blogging experience now.